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New Avril Videos

Avril And Lil Mama sing "Girlfriend"

She looks so punk in the Barbie car and the scooter! That Lil Mama chick looks like an 80's throwback.

"When You're Gone"

That could have been a good video. I feel really sad for the soldier's wife and the widower, but they had to throw in the teen angst part of the girl who's like, "MY MOM WON'T LET ME DATE THIS GUY!" I suppose the video's creator threw that it so that her bimbo fans would have something to have something to identify with.

Some of those lines are really annoying:

"Everything that I do
Reminds me of you"

I imagine this literally, so in my head, she's going about the house, scrubbing the toilet or whatever, whining, "THIS REMINDS ME OF YOU!"

"And the clothes you left they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you"

Deryck, that a bath. I imagine Avril on the floor, holding Deryck's dirty underwear and sobbing.

Other videos: Avril steals from Peaches

Um, right...

Avril steals from the Rubinoos:
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