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Avril is TOPLESS on the cover on Blender

I used to be a member of this community waaaaay back (and when it wasjust ~antiavril or something ) and as soon as I saw these, I thought ofeveryone here. I put them behind a cut because I wouldn't want to explain to my boss what I'm doing looking at these pictures. You can'tsee anything really but for the benefit of people browsing at work

And pictures inside:

I'd like to think the cover is photoshopped...The cover is so unflattering and awakward looking! On the Blender site there is an interview with her about this photo shoot (before it came out) and she was bragging about how she got really drunk and got to be revealing and the photographer let her do whatever she wanted. ick.

They are nasty as hell.
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you are so hardcore, ms. barbie
I find it ironic that there's a quote about he being mature in a photo shoot of her topless, waving around liquor to look cool.